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  • h/p No. - 012-2040958 or 012-2770118
  • Company Info - AP Network Enterprise (SA0215574-P)
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  • FACTS ABOUT Original Reject Perfume
  • Not all rejects are done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale...
  • 1) AFTER SHIPPING REJECT... - after shipping reject is one of the common rejects for all products. Most of the case, its only effect the packing (box) but not the bottle. Since people won’t buy any defect items at the counters as customers only demand for the perfect item even with the box, this rejected item will end up at the warehouse. Another reason why my products have no boxes...
  • 2) FACTORIES REJECT... - it would be impossible to produce products without reject. Most company (factory) only achieve 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected e.g. 99.8%x1000000 = 998000 bottles. The rest are rejected (2000 bottle). Why they are rejected? It could be Scratches, wrong branding etc. These reject will never be thrown away. They have their own vendor for disposal. Since there are so many manufacturers for brand of perfumes, it will be enough for people like us to trade them... Factory reject outlet is no longer strangers among us anymore. Their stores are everywhere. Nike, Levis, Ralph Lauren and lots more branded items are selling there. Are they selling fake item? No, they are original and customer has no doubt at all. But it had been sold with lower price as they are rejected...
  • 3) EXPIRIES. - After quite some times perfumes also will expire. Let say for 1 batch is valid for 8 month. If the item failed to be cleared on time, it will be returned to where it came from. Then manufacturer will reduce the output base on the sale demand. But the different is perfumes are still in good condition even after the date line.
  • The point is REJECTS ARE NOT FAKE. They are also original but the quality is lower. Not quality of the perfume but only the surface or physical part of it, mostly the bottles. For those who have my perfume, you should know what I’m trying to say here… and lots of thanks for being so supportive.
  • Disclaimer - If you believe that I'm wrong, this never meant nothing to you.(Another message from Amirperfume.blogspot.com)
  • This is some fact about AMIRPERFUME Blogspot:-
  • Been in internet business since December 2006 until now.
  • Every post on this blog, from Day 1 until now, never been deleted. The reason, for you to have the real picture of this 'reject perfume' business. To analyst, to picture it yourself what I am doing here...
  • The price stay almost the same until today...few products have slightly price increase. 'Item hard to get' is almost the main reason to contribute price increase...
  • Still give you the best price in the market. I am not selling fake, Old stock, or other reason what so ever to sell it at this low price. I got my perfume direct from my supplier, make me able to provide you with quality product at lower price.
  • No 'profit margin price' for agent, will save your money from buying the same product at higher price...
  • Selling fake, Old stock, Non Quality items won't allow me to stay this long in this internet business.
  • Every item I sell, I will provide you with the real picture. At least you can view it first before you decide to buy it. Trust me, if i can post you the smell, I will do it for you, my customer...lol. (Due to number of items publish in my blog has been increase, I might not be able to publish the real photo. However, you can request it from me, anytime, before u decide to purchase any...)
  • If you're looking for testimonial from my client..You won't find it here. Not because I don't have it, but I don't provide space for them to post. However, The selling history from month to month, is a real indicator, what the customer say about Amirperfume.
  • More.....
  • more info about my perfume, click here amirperfume-gallery
  • Perfume TIPS
  • It is clear that what smells good on one person may not smell good on another. This is because we all have different natural body odors that may mix well with some fragrances and not others. Just like noticing a fabulous outfit on someone and then buying that same outfit, only to find out that it does not look as fabulous on you. The same is true for perfume. For all those who have not tried any perfume just play it safe and go to your local department store and try some before you purchase it over the net. And for all those who have tried it and didn't like it, don't blame the designer or down-talk the product; just admit that it did not go well with your body chemistry. As stated before, there are different strokes for different folks.
  • If you have fair or dry skin, your perfume is going to wear off faster than those with oily or darker skin. This simply means that you might need to give yourself one or two sprays of your favorite scent during your lunch break.
  • Vary the fragrance that you use from time to time. It has been medically proven that scents have a strong effect on our emotions and mindset. Don’t feel inhibited about trying new and different perfumes every 3-4 months, or along with the changes of the seasons.
  • To keep your scent as true as the first day you bought it, place it in an airtight plastic container and store it in the fridge between uses. By doing so, you slow the process of oxidation, which breaks down the scent. This is especially useful during those hot, bright and humid months.
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    1st August 2014. 300 to choose
    Tuesday, July 29, 2014
     apa itu original reject perfume
    Apa itu Original Reject Perfume? Klik gambar.

    (Updated 1/8/2014)

    *Salam buat semua. Updated 1hb Ogos. 300 perfume untuk di pilih.  Dengan kualiti terbaik, harga menarik, amirperfume berharap anda akan mendapat perfume yang anda hajati.....
    *Para agen, sila hubungi kami untuk list tawaran harga agen.
    *Anda yang ingin berniaga perfume, rebut peluang untuk mendaftar sebagai agen kami secepat mungkin. Dapatkan info lanjut disini....klik.
    *Sila datang kedai....info alamat, lokasi, gambar gambar mengenai kedai ada disini...klik.

    Temui kami di Facebook/Like us on our page.....clickpicture.
    Our page

    pay via paypal or credit card.
    DKNY Be Delicious 100ml EDP, Product paling laris dan mendapat sambutan hangat di pasaran ori Reject. Stok susah dapat.

    Viktor & Rolf present the famous fragrance Flowerbomb  and  the male Spicebomb.

    Viktor & Rolf Fragrance man and woman

    LIST as at 1/8/2014


    Brand man Bottle Qty price
    Aquadigio men 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Armani mania men 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Armani pour homme 2013 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Black xs men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Blv aqua men 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Blv men 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Boss army men 150ml Man 2 RM130
    Boss in motion 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Boss in motion white 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Boss no6 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Boss pure 75ml Man 2 RM130
    Burb classic men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Burb kain men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    burb touch men 100ml Man 3 RM130
    CK Contradiction men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Ck encounter 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Ck eternity aqua men 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Ck eternity men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Ck free 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Ck in2u him 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Ck men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Ck Obsession 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Ck one 200ml Man 1 RM120
    Ck one 200ml Man 9 RM160
    Ck truth 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Cliniq happy men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Code sport 75ml Man 2 RM140
    D&G gentlement 100ml Man 2 RM130
    D&G L/blue Men 125ml Man 1 RM130
    D&g Pour Homme 100ml Man 1 RM130
    D&G The one sport 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Diesel brave 75ml Man 2 RM130
    Diesel brave tattoo 75ml Man 1 RM130
    Dunhill custome 100ml Man 1 RM140
    Dunhill fresh 100ml Man 3 RM130
    Dunhill london 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Ferragamo black 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Guess man 100ml Man 2 RM130
    Guess marciano men 100ml Man 1 RM130
    He wood any type 100ml Man 4 RM140
    Hugo element 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Issey men 125ml Man 2 RM130
    Lacoste essential 125ml Man 2 RM140
    Narciso men 100ml Man 2 RM140
    Polo blue sport 125ml Man 1 RM140
    Polo green 125ml Man 1 RM130
    Polo2black 125ml Man 2 RM130
    Prada luna rosa 100ml Man 1 RM140
    RL Pony 1 men 125ml Man 3 RM140
    RL pony 2 men 125ml Man 3 RM140
    RL pony 3 men 125ml Man 4 RM140
    Seanjohn im king 100ml Man 2 RM140
    Swiss army altitude 100ml Man 1 RM130
    Terre hermes 100ml Man 1 RM140
    Ultra red 100ml Man 3 RM140
    Versace blue jeans 75ml Man 1 RM130


    Brand Woman Bottle Qty Price
    5th avenue gold 125ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Allure wmn 100ml Wmn 3 RM130
    Anasui secret wish 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Angel womanity 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Arden pretty hot 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Armani diamond 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Beautiful wmn 75ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Boss la nuit 75ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Boss orange wmn 75ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Britney curious 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Burb Beat 75ml Wmn 3 RM130
    Burb by burb wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Burb kain wmn 100ml Wmn 5 RM130
    Burb sport 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Cabotine gress 100ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Cabotine rose 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Chacarel anais 100ml Wmn 2 RM140
    Chloe love 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ck beauty 100ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Ck beauty sheer 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Ck euphoria forbidden affair 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Ck euphoria wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Ck in2u her 100ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Cliniq happy heart 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Cliniq happy to be 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Cliniq happy wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    coach Legacy 50ml Wmn 1 RM120
    Code Woman bt Armani 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    D&G L/blue wmn 100ml Wmn 3 RM130
    D&G Rose the one 75ml Wmn 1 RM140
    diorrisme 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Dkny delicious maringue 50ml Wmn 1 RM120
    dune CD 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    esc island kis 2011 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Esc Magnetism 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Esc moon sparkle 100ml Wmn 3 RM130
    Estee sensous 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Estee sensous nude 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Ferragammo subtil wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Gucci edp wmn 75ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Gucci envy 100ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Gucci rush2 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Guess marciano wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Issey wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    J bieber someday no cap 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Jlo dseo wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Jlo la glow 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Jlo luxe 100ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Jlo still® 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Jlo sunkissed glow 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Jpg wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    M/Blanc legend femme 50ml Wmn 1 RM130
    M/Blanc legend femme 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Narciso edp woman  50ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Nina apple  80ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ninna ricci l'elixir 80ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Omnia green jade tester 65ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Pleasure exotic 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Pleasure in bloom 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Pleasure intense 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Pleasure special edition 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Prada candy 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Provoactive 125ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Pure posion 100ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Raalph by ralph 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ralph blue 125ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ralph rocks 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ralph Romance 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Stella  100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Stella in2 peony 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ultraviolet wmn 80ml Wmn 1 RM130
    UR usher fro woman  100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Versace versense 100ml Wmn 3 RM130
    Ysl elle 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ysl opium wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    YSL Paris 125ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Ysl rose enchantes 100ml Wmn 1 RM130


    Perfume Rare dan susah nak dapat.

    Brand Rare Bottle Qty Price
    1 million gold edition 100ml Man 3 RM150
    1 million intense 100ml Man 1 RM180
    A Man Metal  100ml Man 1 RM150
    Angel pure havane 100ml Man 1 RM180
    Angel pure shoot 100ml Man 2 RM180
    Aquadigio essenza 100ml Man 1 RM150
    B*men 100ml Man 1 RM150
    Baldesarini strictly private 100ml Man 1 RM150
    Coach leather ware men 100ml Man 1 RM150
    Ferragamo attimo men 100ml Man 1 RM150
    Gucci Guilty black men 90ml Man 1 RM150
    John Vervatos vintage 125ml Man 1 RM150
    Jpg man special edition 100ml Man 1 RM150
    Jpg monsieur 100ml Man 1 RM150
    Kenneth cole signature 100ml Man 2 RM150
    Polo red 125ml Man 1 RM180
    Angel edt 80ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Angel la rose 100ml Wmn 2 RM150
    Angel rising star 100ml Wmn 2 RM180
    Angel star special edition 50ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Arden pretty untold 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Black xs wmn tester 80ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Britney Midnight Fantasy  100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Burb body Limitted Ed 85ml Wmn 1 RM180
    Cartier baiser voile 100ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Chanel no 5 150ml Wmn 1 RM180
    Chanel no 5 100ml Wmn 2 RM150
    Ck euphoria blossom forbiden 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Code women refill pack (Rare) 75ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Creed white 75ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Cristian cacroix rouge 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    D&G pour femme 2013 100ml Wmn 1 RM180
    D&G The one wmn tester 75ml Wmn 1 RM140
    Dior addict2 100ml Wmn 3 RM150
    Dior blooming 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Dior jadore 75ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Dkny fresh blossom 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Dkny fresh blossom 50ml Wmn 5 RM130
    Dkny golden 100ml Wmn 2 RM150
    Dkny golden 50ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Dkny green 100ml Wmn 4 RM150
    Dkny green intense 50ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Dkny red wmn 50ml Wmn 3 RM120
    Estee sensous noir 50ml Wmn 2 RM130
    Fendi wmn extreme 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Flower bomb 100ml Wmn 2 RM150
    Gucci guilty intense wmn 75ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Gucci premiere 75ml Wmn 3 RM150
    Hypnose Lancome 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Hypnose senses 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Lady Gaga Fame tester 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Lady million 80ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Lavieste belle 100ml Wmn 3 RM150
    M.j daisy so fresh 75ml Wmn 3 RM150
    Mariah Carey M 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Michael kors gold 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    narciso her EDP 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    narciso her Essence in color 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Perry ellis spirited 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Pleasure special edition 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Pleasure special edition 100ml Wmn 1 RM130
    RL notrius 75ml Wmn 2 RM130
    RL pony 2 wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Stella l.i.l.y 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    The beat wmn edp tester 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    Tresor Midnight 75ml Wmn 1 RM130
    V,s bombshell Forever 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    V.S. So in love 75ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Valentina by valentino 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Victoria pink angel 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    VIP Woman 212 100ml Wmn 1 RM150
    Ysl manifesto 100ml Wmn 1 RM180
    Zara wmn 100ml Wmn 1 RM150

     Iklan di Facebook Amirperfume.... 

    Kedai AmirperfumeShoppe dibuka di
    17B, 1st Floor – back,
    Jalan Dinar B U3/B,
    Seksyen U3,
    Taman Subang Perdana,
    40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.
    (Atas Koperasi Tentera, sebaris dengan Domino's).

    gambar perfume yang terdapat di kedai


    Dari Blogspot kini ke Amirperfume Shoppe. (Gambar gambar kedai Amirperfume shoppe) ...JOM SHOPPING SAMBIL CUCI CUCI MATA...Hubungi kami segera sekiranya anda ingin mulakan perniagaan minyak wangi.
    Kedai AmirperfumeShoppe dibuka di
    17-1B, 1st Floor – back,
    Jalan Dinar B U3/B,
    Seksyen U3,
    Taman Subang Perdana,
    40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.
    Tel - 012-2040958 / 012-2770118
    Time 10am to 7pm.
    After 7pm, sila call sebelum datang.

    More info pasal kedai @ Mykedai



    • Mula menjual perfume reject sejak 1999. 
    • Bergiat aktif dalam penjualan online di blog sejak 2006. 
    • Mengorak langkah dengan membuka kedai pada tahun 2012. 

    Misi kami :-
    • Menyediakan sumber perfume reject yang mampu menjadi alternatif kepada pengguna.
    • Menjana pendapatan sampingan kepada anda yang ingin berniaga.
    • Akan terus komited memberi khidmat dan bimbingan kepada peniaga peniaga baru yang ingin berusaha mengubah hidup anda dengan berniaga. 
    Hubungi kami segera di 012 204 0958 / 012 277 0118
    more info @ Panduan menjadi Agen


    Kedai AmirperfumeShoppe kini  dibuka di
    17B, 1st Floor – back,
    Jalan Dinar B U3/B,
    Seksyen U3,
    Taman Subang Perdana,
    40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

    Antara gambar gambar stok BEST yang pernah sampai di Amirperfume shoppe...

    Burberry Body, Juicy Couture, Davidoff Champion

    John Artisan Varvatos, Tresor Midnight Rose, Bleu de Chanel
    Viktor Rolf Flower Bomb, DKNY fresh Blossom, John Varvatos Vintage

    lagi gambar gambar menarik @ koleksi gambar gambar


    Additional info:

    Untuk penghantaran (postage) - sila tambah RM6 (S. M'sia), RM9 (Sabah/Sarawak).

    For more information, please visit:

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    YM tak online? SILA MESEJ DI FACEBOOK Klik nak mesej

    (screenshot pages on my facebook showing some pictures of my perfumes)
    Picture of this actual item is strictly for Amirperfume use only, intended to let you know in advance what to expect. Please do not re-published it without permission. Kindly check the availability of this item before placing your order.

    additional info:- visit
    to see picture of my stock (some samples)
    Contoh gambar perfume yang pernah sampai ke Amirperfume sebelum ini sebagai rujukan. Gambar digunakan adalah gambar sebenar yang dijual bertujuan untuk memberi gambaran sebenar item tersebut.

    Picture of this actual item is strictly for Amirperfume use only, intended to let you know in advance what to expect. Please do not re-published it without permission. Kindly check the availability of this item before placing your order.
    Go to my Facebook and Like my page to get the latest update on your Facebook .
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    You will be the 1st to know the latest update

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